Professional Cuddlers


  1. View your options below. Once you've selected your service type(s), review The Team.
  2. When ready, click the Book link on the menu at the top of the page.  Be sure to specify service, if you prefer a Male or Female for snuggles, and time duration.  We will get bak to you with a few optional dates to choose from.  (*Overnight available upon request).
  3. Payment options via PayPal or Venmo once booked. 24 hour cancellation notification required for refund.

  1. Big Spoon
    Big Spoon
    Snuggling in a big spoon little spoon configuration.
  2. Little Spoon
    Little Spoon
    Snuggling in a little spoon big spoon configuration.
  3. Tickles
    Soft touch.
  4. Front to Front
    Front to Front
    Cuddling in a front to front position.
  1. Hands Free Cuddling
    Hands Free Cuddling
    Being close with minimal touching.
  2. Reading or Story Telling
    Reading or Story Telling
    Reading your favorite book or telling you an interesting story.
  3. Sitting Cuddles
    Sitting Cuddles
    Cuddling front to back in a sitting position
  4. Immersion
    The opposite of hands free. Totally wrapped up snuggling.